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The only concierge practice in Las Vegas that blends functional and cutting-edge modern medicine in a personalized, on-demand setting.

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of Care

He takes time with you. He treats you as a whole person and not as a condition or a set of symptoms. He really looks at all your conditions, does all the tests, and makes sure he's treating you. And his scope is much more vast than most primary care physicians.

After I started seeing him, it was the first time in years where I felt like, wow, I’m finally getting a handle on my health – which is everything.” 

K. D. 2023 

“Dr. Soumi is the first physician I've come across who really cares.

You deserve to feel like a priority – not a number

The modern medical system is full of overburdened people.

  • Overwhelmed patients frustrated by long waits for mediocre care. People getting treated but not getting better. Wasting time and energy without finding resolution.

  • Overworked doctors tired of battling with insurance companies. Treating more patients than ever before.

  • And overstretched hospitals with staffing and space shortages. 

If you have a health problem, or just a nagging symptom, you may wait weeks to see a primary care doctor.  Or sit for hours in an ER waiting room or urgent care center.  

You deserve a doctor who advocates for you – so you can focus on living your life. A doctor who gets to know you – and makes your health a top priority

When you join our practice, you are our number one. And we’re here to be your go-to. 

For all of it:

✔ Navigating the complicated health system

✔ Advocating for you so you can access the specialists you need

✔ Asking deeper questions to reveal the root cause of your symptoms

✔ Giving you so much more than a 15-minute consult

✔ Helping you create a plan to stay healthy and prevent major illness

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You’re not like other patients. We’re not like other providers. 

We meet you where you’re at with cutting-edge solutions from inside and outside the conventional medical system. 

Boutique medicine with a holistic focus

More access than your traditional family doctor

Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada is the primary care practice of experienced hospitalist Dr. Ed Soumi, MD and his team. 

As a concierge practice, we operate on a membership model.

That means you get round-the-clock access – so you never have to wait to start feeling your best. 

And you receive an ongoing relationship with your doctor that deepens over time. (Learn more about concierge medicine in our FAQ.

But we’re not just a concierge practice…

We treat you as a whole person – not a diagnosis or a collection of symptoms.

Your wellness matters, as a complete picture. We’ll help you find positive health and exceptional vitality – spanning all aspects of your life.

More integrative than other concierge doctors

Our approach is comprehensive, combining functional with cutting-edge internal medicine. So you benefit from the doctor’s 20+ years of internal medicine practice. And a root-cause perspective that goes deep to find the true origin of your symptoms.

Personalized medicine in Las Vegas, customized to your needs

Humility, openness, & a passion for learning

On-demand care meets functional medicine

We keep our patient roster low – lower than most concierge practices. And definitely lower than most modern primary care clinics. 

That means you can schedule same-day and next-day appointments. And you get as much time as you need with your doctor. 

As a member of Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada, you have your doctor’s cell phone number. And if you’re ever admitted to the hospital, your doctor will see you there.

Even when you’re out of sight, you’re never out of mind.

Individualized treatment

We’re always learning – from the latest medical journals as well as from our patients. We’ll never dismiss your questions, ideas, or suggestions. 

We’re always ready to receive you, with curiosity, compassion, and care.

Tireless advocacy

If you need a referral, your doctor has a direct line to trusted providers. He’s your voice when you don’t have one. And he never stops until you get the answers you need.

So you get attention, treatment, and resolution as soon as possible.

Versatility and innovation

Dr. Soumi is a versatile practitioner and a skilled diagnostician.

In many cases, that means getting resolution with just one doctor.

(But if you need a referral to a specialist, you’ll get access to the right one for you. Quickly.)

With 20 years of hospital practice, he knows how to diagnose and treat a vast range of conditions. 

And with a certification from the Institute for Functional Medicine, his toolset goes beyond your standard family doctor. 

In short, he’s seen it all and can treat it all.

He’ll dig deep to help you resolve the central issue at the heart of your symptoms.

Unprecedented access

You never get check-the-box treatment in our practice. We get to know you. All of you. Your whole story. Not just your current, acute symptoms. 

And then we treat YOU. Our focus is always on your individual body as a unique system. (And never on whatever pharmaceutical reps are trying to sell this week.)

When you talk, your doctor listens. And then provides a custom approach to whole-body wellness – whether that’s treating an acute disease or preventing future illness. 

When it comes to your health, no detail is too small to matter to us. 

These differences add up to true transformation. You’ll see the changes in your labs – and you’ll feel it in your body.

See if our solution is a perfect fit for your needs:

Starting from where you are right now.

We're here to co-create optimal wellness with you.

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This level of personalized care and attention is so much more accessible than you may imagine.

Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada is right for you if:

You live in or near Las Vegas and… 

  • You’re a busy professional who can’t spend hours in a waiting room – or weeks waiting for an appointment

  • You’re tired of jumping through hoops seeking answers to your health concerns

  • You travel frequently – and can’t miss a flight or get knocked down by illness

  • You have unresolved symptoms other providers haven’t been able to diagnose or treat

  • You take your health seriously and want to live a long, vibrant life

  • You’re not afraid to try something different to get better results

New to concierge medicine?

Your membership with Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada offers all of that – priced within reach for Nevadans who value their health.

  • A doctor who skillfully blends traditional medical expertise with contemporary diagnostic approaches

  • A wellness team who spends time with you and really listens

  • A focus on positive health, not just the absence of disease 

  • Direct-line access to your doctor – even at night and on weekends

  • Same-day and guaranteed next-day appointments

  • A doctor who balances diagnostic intelligence, a compassionate ear, and a non-judgmental outlook

  • The best of both worlds: cutting-edge treatment options from modern internal medicine, plus the root-cause approach of holistic care and functional medicine

  • Something better than “Your labs look fine. Come back in a year”

  • The highest standard of care – without barriers to access

And if you want:

Hi! We’re Dr. Ed Soumi, MD and Elissa Soumi, RN. 

A compassionate husband & wife/Dr. & nurse team committed to transforming healthcare in Southern Nevada. 

With over 30 years of healthcare experience we offer a unique blend of modern and functional medicine specializing in root cause analysis to address health concerns comprehensively.

Dr. Soumi, a board-certified internist and lifelong learner, emphasizes personalized care and breaking down barriers between patients and providers.

Elissa, an empathic listener and experienced RN, supports patients in achieving their wellness goals with encouragement and understanding.

Meet the founders of our practice

More about us

Our family run practice is founded on the belief that patients should never feel alone in their health journey. With Dr. Soumi and Elissa by your side you will receive the tools, support, and mindset needed to achieve exquisite balance in your health.

At our practice your time matters. 

Unlike conventional doctors who see up to 30 patients a day, we prioritize quality over quantity. And with a smaller client roster you will have the attention you deserve to discuss symptoms, concerns, treatments, and health goals thoroughly. 

You won’t ever feel rushed and our focus will always be on you.

Your initial consultation is a chance to meet Dr. Soumi. 

And it’s absolutely free, with no commitment required.

1.  Book your free consultation

Ready to get started?

Heres what to do next:

Tell us what matters most to you. 

We’ll discuss a roadmap to reaching your highest wellness goals.

2. Let us listen to all of health priorities

Sign up to become a member – and watch your health come into exceptional balance.

With premium access to everything you need.  

3. Launch your new era of health

...or looking for more information?

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Membership in Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada costs $399
a month.  

Your membership includes:

  • Unlimited office visits with no per-visit copay
  • Comprehensive annual health exams
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Soumi
  • Same-day and guaranteed next-day care
  • On-site phlebotomy 
  • Comprehensive annual labs
  • Wellness and lifestyle modification programs including nutrition, fitness, supplements, longevity, autoimmune hormonal health, and weight loss guidance
  • 25% off most popular brands of vitamins and supplements + free shipping above $50
  • Injections, IV services, and more (see the complete list on our services page)

Our patients often find they spend less money by becoming a member than they did before joining. 

They skip urgent care visits, ER visits, and deductibles. And they save on lifestyle counseling, supplements, and the health-supportive therapies they’d get at a med spa.

If the doctor is unavailable, will I still be able to see someone?

As a Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada member, you’ll have a phone number you can use to reach Dr. Soumi. And you can be assured he’ll respond with the support you need..

You can reach us for same-day and next-day appointments, after-hours urgent prescriptions, and late-night emergencies. 

(In a life-threatening emergency, call 911 first. Then call the doctor.)

As much time as you need. 

Conventional doctors see an average of 30 patients a day, each of them only briefly. Our practice intentionally keeps a low client roster – lower even than other concierge practices. 

So you have as much time as you need to discuss your symptoms, concerns, treatment, and overall health goal


Dr. Soumi believes that continuity of care is critically important. He’s one of the few concierge physicians who maintains his hospital privileges. So you’re never outside of our care.

There’s no long-term commitment to becoming a member. You may leave the practice at any time with 30 days notice.

In the event that Dr. Soumi is unreachable, a physician will be assigned and available to cover for him.

How much does membership cost? What's included?

How much time will I have with Dr. Soumi at each appointment? 
What if I want to end my membership?

What kind of access will I have to Dr. Soumi?

What if I go to the hospital? Will Dr. Soumi see me there?

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Get unparalleled access – 
and start feeling unparalleled vitality 

Good health is not an endpoint. It’s only the beginning. The foundation on which you build the rest of your life.

What happens when you expand your access to healthcare?

Everything else expands, too. Your peace of mind. Your vision of what’s possible. And your feeling of vibrant, balanced health. 

This is how going to the doctor should be. 

Let us co-create your wellness with you.

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