At Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada, we see the practice of medicine as a partnership between provider and patient. Here’s what some of our incredible patients have said about us.

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“Working with Dr. Soumi reinstilled my faith in medicine”

"It's difficult to navigate health care these days, especially in Las Vegas. You don't have access to physicians, especially primary care physicians. 

In this environment, finding a doctor who really invests in you and understands all your health issues is nearly impossible. Most physicians I've come across are focused on one little thing. They don’t think about your entire body as a system. And a lot of healthcare providers just don't care anymore. They do their one little procedure, their one little test. And if it doesn’t solve your problem, that’s it. 

I was let down for years. I got lost in the system. I went from doctor to doctor looking for answers. You go in thinking you're going to find someone who will really diagnose you. And a minute later, you can see they’re checked out. You wasted all your time, energy, and money and it's just wasted resources, wasted time, and you don't get resolution. 

Dr. Soumi is the first physician I've come across who really cares. He takes time with you. He treats you as a whole person and not as a condition or a set of symptoms. He really looks at all your conditions, does all the tests, and makes sure he's treating you. And his scope is much more vast than most primary care physicians.

After I started seeing him, it was the first time in years where I felt like, wow, I’m finally getting a handle on my health – which is everything.

Dr. Soumi is an advocate. He's your voice when you don't have one, and he’ll communicate to other physicians for you. He’s invested in your healthcare and he’s always there. He never stops. He will do the best thing possible. 

His level of understanding is much more advanced than what you’d expect from a standard concierge doctor. Most concierge physicians will treat colds and prescribe antibiotics. Anything beyond that, you’re on your own. 

But Dr. Soumi really understands disease. He worked in a hospital for decades. He’s an amazing diagnostician. He knows what’s serious and what’s not. He puts your mind at ease and takes care of your health at a level that’s very uncommon in his field.

Whatever the condition, acute or chronic, I know it’ll be taken care of and treated. Working with him reinstilled my faith in medicine. It reinstilled my belief that there are doctors out there who care and support you.

To anyone who’s considering joining the practice: You will never question the cost once you have him as your doctor. He goes way beyond anything you can imagine. The support you get from him and the advocacy he gives is well beyond what you'll pay. And his availability is invaluable. 

This is the first time in years that I have someone who's advocating for me and helping me access the kind of care I need. 

With Dr. Soumi, I believe I have access to the highest standard of care available right now in this country."

– D. S. 2023

“The best thing we could have done in a critical situation”

Dr Soumi has been the best thing we could have done to get fast, excellent medical care in a very critical situation. 

He has given the best referrals – so when you walk in, they know who you are and why you're there. He responds to every call and text I've sent almost immediately! Highly recommend.

Never heard of Medical Concierge before, but worth every dollar! 

– D. S. 2023

“Medicine can truly be a partnership between practitioner and patient”

Dr. Soumi is an amazing physician. But if as a patient you have never experienced a doctor that truly has empathy and wants the best for you, I will say that this practice will be a shock to you.

I saw Dr. Soumi after an acute flare of a life-altering medical condition.

I had been let down by many providers, treated horribly, canceled at the last minute leaving me unable to get another visit for more than 90 days out. Many providers lack the ability to see patients as humans and treat them with dignity and empathy. There have been times where I felt that the pain and terrible outcomes of just letting an acute flare happen might be better than how I would be treated by a provider.

Since being treated by Dr. Soumi, I feel safer and more comfortable about seeking medical help, have been directed to specialists and resources that have been life-changing, and have been able to heal from some health care industry wounds I have acquired. 

Dr. Soumi showed me that there are providers who still want to care for patients and help them get ahead of things instead of only responding to health situations that could have been avoided by proper referrals and foresight.

My experience with Dr. Soumi has been nothing short of amazing. From his bedside manner, to his passion, to his checking in on my wellness has been in stark difference to many other physicians who I have had experience with. 

He truly listens and waits for you to share before he answers. He works with you instead of dictating to you. His compassion and empathy while treating me have made me feel safe while dealing with an incredibly unpredictable medical condition. 

I can’t emphasize enough: If you choose Dr. Soumi to care for you, you are choosing not only a skilled practitioner of medicine. You are choosing a doctor who has passion for treating patients and treating them as humans and not a checklist. Dr. Soumi is truly incredible. 

Healthcare in the valley can feel hit and miss sometimes. But Dr. Soumi is a doctor who, when I am truly going through it, I have gone out of my way to request at the hospital multiple times. 

He is trustworthy and caring, and while the expectation would be all doctors operated that way, he shines because many don’t. Thank you Dr. Soumi for always making me feel safe and cared for.  

Now I know that medicine can truly be a partnership between practitioner and patient.

– K. D. 2023

“It’s refreshing to find a doctor of his caliber”

Thorough, personable, and very responsive! Dr. Soumi listens to my concerns and takes the time to explain his recommendations. I feel comfortable and confident in his care. It is refreshing to find a doctor of his caliber. I highly recommend Dr. Soumi.  

I feel my thyroid issue is being treated and closely monitored for the first time since I was diagnosed over 12 years ago. At 53 yrs of age, he is proactive at looking into all hormonal concerns as well as other contributing factors. I am feeling so much better. Having Dr. Soumi as my physician makes me feel heard and completely confident I am receiving the best care possible.

The personal attention and quick responsiveness has been amazing.

Dr. Soumi’s approach to medicine and his patient care make him a superior healthcare provider. 

– S. G. 2023

“I feel so fortunate to have him as my PCP”

After my coronary artery bypass graft surgery, I was in the hospital and couldn’t get in touch with my primary care physician. It turns out they had closed without notifying me!

After that ordeal, I got in touch with Dr. Ed and I was surprised by how fast he responded. I feel so fortunate now to have him as my PCP. I have far more involvement with him than I did with my previous PCP. He responds to any issue that needs to be addressed and his availability has benefited me psychologically and physically. 

- K. S. 2023

“The best personalized medical care”

Dr. Soumi provides the best personalized medical care. Dr. Soumi is very attentive and thorough when addressing my medical concerns. He is easy to talk to and has helped me tremendously. I am so grateful for Dr. Soumi and I highly recommend him. 

– M. O. 2023

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