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Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada is your full-stack, round-the-clock solution for employees who need VIP medical care – right now. 

With a focus on prevention and whole-system health, we’ll give your workers the tools to stay healthy. And if they fall sick, we’ll get them back on their feet ASAP.

Ready to boost your company’s competitive edge?

Your entire business hinges on your staff. Don’t leave their health up to chance!

Concierge Medicine for Corporate

“To anyone who’s considering joining the practice: You will never question the cost once you have him as your doctor. He goes way beyond anything you can imagine. His availability is invaluable. 

This is the first time in years that I have someone who's advocating for me and helping me access the kind of care I need. With Dr. Soumi, I believe I have access to the highest standard of care available right now in this country.”

- D. S.

If you run a business, it’s your nightmare scenario…

Your most essential employee is sick. 

Should they… 
A) Come to work feeling (and looking) completely run down? 
B) Stay home until they’re back on their feet?

Especially if you’re in a high-stakes industry, there’s no good answer.

Option A is a non-starter.

Compassionate employers know that sick workers need rest.

Savvy employers know that sick workers don’t perform well. 
And that clients, customers, and co-workers don’t want to be around someone who’s visibly ill.

But Option B is just as bad:

An essential worker’s absence can mean taking a hit to your revenue, reviews, and reputation.

Unfortunately, getting treatment for your people can take a while. (Especially in and around Las Vegas!) 

If they get sick on a Friday night, you lose two and a half days before you can even talk to someone about scheduling.

And if your employee doesn’t want to sit in an urgent care waiting room for hours? Then you’re forced to just wait out their illness.

Getting fast treatment for your staff can feel like a problem with no solution. After all, there are only so many doctors around, especially these days. When they’re booked, they’re booked… right?

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Get the lowdown on how it works

Here’s the good news: There is an Option C! An answer that gets your workers quick relief. Every time. And helps you avoid the hit to your bottom line. 

“The call that gets answered right away”

Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada is the practice trusted by local executives and professionals who can’t afford to disappear for days. (Or even an afternoon)

It’s the premier practice that gives your people personalized medicine on demand, any time they need it.

Under the direction of experienced internist, Dr. Ed Soumi, MD, our practice offers:

Round-the-clock access to the highest standard of care, on a membership model

Individualized treatment tailored to each patient’s wellness goals

Treatment, prevention, and tireless advocacy from one of the region’s best doctors

Find out if Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada is the right fit for your business

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Sign your staff up now and:

✅ Boost your employee recruitment and retention – especially among wellness-focused workers (Who doesn’t want to work for a business that provides VIP medicine on demand?) 

✅ Ditch the errors that happen when employees show up sick (and eliminate the cascade of illnesses they set off)

✅ Improve your staff’s health at the root-cause level – so they stay healthy while everyone else is dropping like flies

✅ Watch your absenteeism plummet – along with the toll it takes on your business

✅ Get more access even than other concierge practices, and at a more affordable price

✅ Enjoy discounted rates according to staff size

Your employees are the engine that keeps your business running. We’ll help you keep them healthy, happy, and productive – so your business can thrive!

Lock in your business’ new secret weapon

We intentionally keep a low patient roster. (That’s how we stay so accessible.)

That means we may sign up just one or two business clients this year. 

Get in touch soon to schedule your free consultation. There’s no cost and no commitment.

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“After my coronary artery bypass graft surgery, I was in the hospital and couldn’t get in touch with my primary care physician. It turns out they had closed without notifying me!

After that ordeal, I got in touch with Dr. Ed and I was surprised by how fast he responded. I feel so fortunate now to have him as my PCP. I have far more involvement with him than I did with my previous PCP. He responds to any issue that needs to be addressed and his availability has benefited me psychologically and physically.”

- K. S.

Meet the founders of our practice

Hi! We’re Dr. Ed Soumi, MD and Elissa Soumi, RN. 

Husband and wife, doctor and nurse: We’re the yin-yang medical team that founded Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada. (Learn more about our education and experience.)

We built our family-run practice around our belief in breaking down walls between patient and doctor – so you never feel like you’re on your own when it comes to your health.

Why do our patients keep coming back? We’re as warm and personable as we are knowledgeable and skilled. 

We have the tools and the mindset to bring your health into exquisite balance. 

With us by your side, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got this. Whatever it is. Because we’ve got you.

So many aspects of running a business are unpredictable. 

Your staff’s access to high-quality medical care doesn’t have to be one of them. 

We’ll make sure they get an exceptional level of care at a very approachable price. 

Talk to us about how Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada can keep your workers – and your business – healthy and thriving.

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