Your Concierge Medicine of Southern Nevada membership gives you access to on-demand appointments with your physician, preventive treatments, and so much more – to help you achieve mind-body balance, next-level vitality, and whole-system wellness.

Member benefits and wellness services

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We’re committed to providing an exceptional level of care for a very approachable price. 

Your membership includes unlimited visits and so much more. Services such as wellness injections and speciality labs are offered at cost – so you never pay more than the minimum to feel your best. 

➡️ Same-day and guaranteed next-day appointments – Be seen within 24 hours and get relief right away

➡️ Unlimited office visits with no per-visit copay for healthcare without restrictions

➡️ Direct-line access to Dr. Soumi 24 hours, 7 days a week, with no barriers

➡️ Integrative treatments from functional and conventional medicine, with treatment protocols personalized to you and your unique needs

➡️ Comprehensive annual health exams, including preventive screenings – to keep you balanced, healthy, and on track to reach your wellness goals

➡️ Comprehensive annual labs to create a full picture of your health and a roadmap for effective treatment

➡️ Functional medicine testing at wholesale price for any specialty labs not covered by your insurance

➡️ On-site phlebotomy so you never wait for labs

➡️ ​​Men’s health and HRT (hormone replacement therapy) to stay vibrant and active

➡️ Women’s health including bioidentical hormones and supplements, for ideal balance during all of life’s phases

➡️ In-hospital visits from Dr. Soumi any time you’re admitted to the hospital – so you never lose continuity of care

➡️ Vitamin and supplementation guidance for immune support and prevention

➡️ 25% off most popular brands of vitamins and supplements + free shipping above $50

➡️ Wellness and lifestyle modification programs including nutrition, fitness, longevity, and weight loss guidance – for total system vitality

➡️ Therapeutic and preventive injections to boost energy, achieve targeted outcomes, and improve overall health